About Me

​I am a school social worker turned parent volunteer who will find any excuse to visit a classroom. Being around children means I get to be around beautiful books. I love everything about books… the smell, the page turns and the beautiful illustrations but most special are the kids that hold them. I am that person that hugs picture books. I spend my days enjoying the outdoors, driving in circles to get my kids places, baking chocolate chip cookies, and finding awe in each moment. And then figuring out how to weave that into a story. I live in Chicago (Go Cubs!) with my husband, three children and my cute dog Ivy.

Proud Participant of:

My Favorite Books:

Becoming Blue by Ellen Tarlow

Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller

Books Aren’t For Eating by Carlie Sorosiak

The Boy Who Love Maps by Kari Allen

I’ll Go and Come Back by Rajani LaRocca

The Tower of Life by Chana Stiefel

The Worm Family Has It’s Picture Taken by Jennifer Frank

Testimonials from classroom visits:

"Every time Cheryl visits my classroom to teach a lesson, the children learn a new way to think about their emotions, their friendships, and our classroom community. Her lessons about gratefulness helped my students to talk with each other (and write in notebooks) about the small things in life that we can be thankful for. The way she taught my students to give "word gifts" to each other changed our classroom culture. We began to notice and compliment each other more often, building our awareness for others and growing our confidence. Cheryl designs her lessons to meet the developmental needs of the children, the children are engaged in her lessons, and she brings real-life examples and creative ideas to her teaching. She offers educators practices that we can use throughout the day to teach children to respect and care for each other. Just a few small lessons can change the way children in your classroom interact, view themselves, and work with each other."

--Stacy M. Holzwarth, First and Second Grade Teacher, Nettelhorst School, Chicago

Cheryl Simon came to my daughter's second grade classroom to work with them on some lessons on caring for one another, being part of a community, and grateful citizens. Through games, and worksheets and her warm and friendly chat-she created magic. The impact was immediate and the lesson spilled over into our home when my daughter came home eager to share what she learned. The lessons stay with all of us to this day - and helped us to realize the life lessons that can be tucked into school in such a natural, fun, and meaning-filled way. Cheryl is not only a wonderful mom and role model in and around our school, but touched the class in such a meaningful way on so many levels. We are grateful for her time and how she works her magic with the kids. We would highly recommend her classroom visits - and look forward to her coming back in third grade!

-Barri Leiner Grant